Roald Dahl’s The BFG Gets a 2016 Film Release

I love love love the story of Sophie and the BFG. I recently read the book to the boys I homeschool and was overwhelmed with that Roald Dahl magic all over again.

I think most book lovers have similar feelings about movie adaptations of our beloved books but I have pretty high hopes for The BFG film.

Steven Spielberg is directing the DreamWorks/Disney adaptation of Dahl’s classic. They’ve recently announced a July 1, 2016 release date, which is basically PERFECT since my birthday is the next day. Roald Dahl themed party? I think so.

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CAUGHT IN THE CROSSFIRESA mix about those wayward teenagers trapped inside demimondes, underworlds, and Hell dimensions. And how they all scramble for freedom from their afterlife curses. Inspired by this post by the lovely Vanessa among other things

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fucking sing along!!! part FOUR - another random assortment of songs that you kind of have to sing along to….. // listen 

1closing time - semisonic  2. the sign - ace of base 3. blister in the sun - violent femmes  4.  buddy holly - weezer 5. fight for your right - beastie boys 6.  you shook me all night long - ac/dc 7. i’m shipping up to boston - dropkick murphys 8. low - flo rida 9. stacy’s mom - fountains of wayne 10. mr. roboto - styx 11. push it - salt n pepa 12. semi charmed life - third eye blind 13. a whole new world- aladdin soundtrack 14. get low - lil jon 15. shout- isley brothers 16. what is love - haddaway 17. 867 5309/jenny - tommy tutone 18. africa - toto 19. white wedding - billy idol 20. hot in herre - nelly  21. drop it like its hot - snoop dogg ft. pharrell williams  22. groove is in the heart- deeLite ft. qtip and bootsy 23. steal my sunshine - len 24. time after time - cyndi lauper 25. livin’ la vida loca - ricky martin

listen to part one HERE and part two HERE and part three HERE

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young witch in training [listen]
an eclectic, vaguely creepy mix for young witches traveling far away from home, wandering through dark forests, battling dangerous monsters, and becoming adults. includes music that ranges from whimsical fantasy-esque scores to songs that make you want to strap on your black boots and kick down doors.

01. rörliga bilder - daniel olsen
02. happy birthday (a death in the family) - clint mansell
03. becomes the color - emily wells
04. devil do - holly golightly & the brokeoffs
05. the melody of the specter’s flute - nishiura tomohito
06. to ursula’s cabin - joe hisaishi
07. lose your soul - dead man’s bones
08. black sheep - gin wigmore
09. my boy builds coffins - florence + the machine
10. stina - daniel olsen
11. iris - nishiura tomohito
12. in our talons - bowerbirds
13. one summer’s day - joe hisaishi
14. 1940 (amplive remix) - the submarines
15. the legendary paradise - nishiura tomohito
16. vaggvisa - daniel olsen
17. compass - shim hyun jung
18. on a clear day - joe hisaishi
19. the heroic weather conditions of the universe, part 1: a veiled mist - alexandre desplat
20. les passants - zaz

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Introducing, Dodocool Lightning Cable

Dodocool - $9.97

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Thank fucking GOD


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Thor character models!

Did these as I was starting work on the book.  The costumes were designed before I came on board (by the great Esad Ribic, I believe), but here’s my take on them.

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*Seductively lays on a table* Hey bab- *Table breaks*